Controlled Assessment Vietnam (BM)

15 May

As Year 10 embark on controlled assessment work (worth 25% of their final grade) it’s a good time to share good practice in completing these tasks successfully.

The controlled assessment requires students to complete independent research and to select material relevant to their enquiry question. Students can use a range of sources, from television documentaries, to newspaper reports, government papers, textbooks.

It is important to understand the horrific nature of some of the events and images surrounding the Vietnam War. Please don’t get too upset by any of the things you might find.

Some places they might find useful information for their enquiry are listed here:

Spartacus for schools holds information on several aspects of the issue.

npr is a media company based in the USA with an excellent review of a new text on the topic for enquiry and a link to a radio show about it.

The History Learning Site has an overview of the impact of the Vietnam war with links to further areas.

The ‘Help Me’ site has a range of statistics.

ThinkQuest is a site where students help students, and there is a paper available on relevant areas of the Vietnam issue. looks at ‘What really happened at Hue’

The Nation is a magazine which looks at political and social issues and here you will find an article on military action by the USA in Vietnam.

The blogging site Tumblr allows you to search for # which apply to Vietnam.

The LA Times newspaper has an article which highlights information which has come to light as Government papers have been declassified.

The charitable foundation ‘Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign’ focuses on the longterm outcome of military decisions.

The BudmouthHistory YouTube Channel has a series of useful videos to help students to understand the historical context.

Please do comment below about any sites you have found particularly useful, or indeed any further sources you find you think other people could use :)

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